Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midnight Madness 2009 hint collection

Colin Geddes, programmer of Midnight Madness, has been dropping hints about the 2009 line-up...

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  • Here is a pic from the editing room where I saw one of the films for this years line-up

  • Here is a still from the film by a 1st time dir in Midnight Madness!

  • Here is a behind the scenes photo with the director on set from a film in this years MM!

  • Imagine seeing THIS on the big screen at the Ryerson!!!
  • The title character of this film made his debut in 1928 in Weird Tales magazine!
  • Here is a photo of one of the lead characters in one of this years films! + it's a returning director!
  • The title character of this film had his look ripped off by Hugh Jackman in VAN HELSING!
  • One film in the MM line-up is a sequel that takes place 15 exactly minutes after the first one ended!
  • One of the MM world premieres stars someone from Season Two of TWIN PEAKS!
  • One film in this year’s MM line-up was directed by identical twins! How creepy is that?!
  • Another film features femme-tastic fisticuffs that where choreographed by the subject of a doc from TIFF 2004
  • Like last year's film THE BURROWERS, I have picked an unusual film with Cowboys, Indians and strange creatures
  • Trying to plan project that would result in Yonge & Dundas Square being covered in blood
  • I just got an email from a director in MM09 - an action packed film about demons + redemption!
Thanks to Colin for the heads-up!

The official 2009 Midnight Madness line-up will be announced later today.


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