Sunday, September 6, 2009

Peter Howell's CHASING THE BUZZ '09

We're very happy to be invited by Peter Howell, movie critic for the Toronto Star, to be part of his 9th annual Chasing the Buzz poll — a panel of 25 critics/programmers/film-buffs name the 3 films they are most looking forward to.

Here are our top 3 picks:
  1. Antichrist: "See the film that won the first anti-award from Cannes' ecumenical jury Thursday night at 9pm, then talk to director Lars von Trier, via video conference from Denmark, Friday morning at 9am."

  2. Enter the Void: "Gaspar Noé, the stylish and audacious director of Seul Contre Tous and Irréversible, brings a cinematic trip about a low-level drug dealer and his sister... which garnered very mixed reviews."

  3. The Hole: "Kudos to Colin Geddes for bringing the festival's first 3-D presentation with Joe Dante's new work, shot in Canada using Paradise FX — the same technology used earlier this year in the remake of the Canadian slasher, My Bloody Valentine."
Here is the complete list of all 56 of the most anticipated movies of the festival:
  1. My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (4 votes)
  2. Up in the Air (4 votes)

  3. Antichrist (3 votes; our pick)
  4. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (3 votes)
  5. Leslie, My Name is Evil (3 votes)
  6. The Road (3 votes)

  7. Bright Star (2 votes)
  8. Hadewijch (2 votes)
  9. Life During Wartime (2 votes)
  10. A Serious Man (2 votes)
  11. Whip It (2 votes)

  12. Agora
  13. The Art of the Steal
  14. Baarìa
  15. BAND
  16. Beautiful Kate
  17. Bran Nue Dae
  18. Broken Embraces
  19. Capitalism: A Love Story
  20. Chloe
  21. Collapse
  22. The Disappearance of Alice Creed
  23. Enter the Void (our pick)
  24. Excited
  25. Face
  26. The Hole (our pick)
  27. How to Fold a Flag
  28. Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel
  29. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
  30. The Informant!
  31. The Invention of Lying
  32. Last Ride
  33. Leaves of Grass
  34. Let Each One Go Where They May
  35. Mao's Last Dancer
  36. The Men Who Stare at Goats
  37. Moloch Tropical
  38. The Most Dangerous Man in America
  39. Mother and Child
  40. Mr. Nobody
  41. Ondine
  42. Police, Adjective
  43. Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire
  44. Road, Movie
  45. Same Same but Different
  46. Symbol
  47. The Time That Remains
  48. To Die Like a Man
  49. A Town Called Panic
  50. Trash Humpers
  51. The Trotsky
  52. Turtle: The Incredible Journey
  53. Valhalla Rising
  54. The Vintner's Luck
  55. White Material
  56. Women Without Men

PS. btw, here are the 25 contributors:
  1. Steve Almond,
  2. Gail Anthony, film buff/executive assistant
  3. Barry Avrich, filmmaker and ad executive
  4. Cameron Bailey, TIFF co-director
  5. Christopher Bales, Crunchy Squirrel Goes to Toronto
  6. James Berardinelli,
  7. Noah Cowan, Bell Lightbox
  8. — that's us! ;-)
  9. Gabrielle Free, CTV
  10. Alex Ganetakos, TV writer/producer
  11. Andréa Grau, TIFF media coordinator
  12. Piers Handling, TIFF director and CEO
  13. Charles Johnston, writer, film buff
  14. Robert Koehler, Variety /CinemaScope
  15. Eric Kohn, IndieWIRE /TheWrap
  16. Carla MacDonald, Our Lady of Perpetual Hell
  17. Michèle Maheux, TIFF managing director
  18. David Poland, MCN
  19. B. Ruby Rich, BRubyRich
  20. James Rocchi, RocchiReport
  21. Kristopher Tapley, In Contention
  22. Anne Thompson, ThompsonOnHollywood
  23. Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere
  24. Susan Wloszczyna, USA Today
  25. Ray Yick, TIFFReviews
PPS. if you're curious about previous picks, you can also read Peter Howell's TIFF's must-see films from 2008, and TIFF '07: The Buzz from two years ago...

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