Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TOfilmfest 2013 first title for the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival has already been announced:
It will be presented by Steven Soderbergh, and the 4K digital-projection will be accompanied by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, performing the score by Philip Glass, led by conductor Michael Riesman.  (The screening will take place Sunday, September 8 at 6PM at the Elgin Theatre.)

The kick-off announcements for TIFF'13 are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 23 — and many more films are to be announced in the weeks leading up to the film fest in September.  Of course, there is much speculation as to what's coming, but fwiw, here are some candidates we saw at the 2013 Maryland Film Festival ...
  • Sundance premiere
  • IFF Boston premiere, our summer of film research begins with candidates from Cannes... ends with premieres at Venice...
...we'll be tracking all the major film-fests in between, too!

This year, the City to City program will spotlight 10 films from Athens, Greece — apparently more recent films will be a priority: "we may go back a little while [e.g. three or four years] but not that far... [and include] a range of styles and genres, from strong fiction tales to documentaries" (CBC).
Looking back 4 years, we expect the program to include
[Btw, past City to City programs have highlighted Tel Aviv/Israel (2009), Istanbul/Turkey (2010), Buenos Aires/Argentina (2011), and Mumbai/India (2012).] for Canadian features, Cinemablographer has highlighted some to anticipate: more film of note:  writer/director Isaac Cravit has just completed his first feature, titled Solo, and (since all his previous short-films have all made it into TIFF) there's a good chance it will screen this September — best of luck to Isaac and his crew!  :-)

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