Thursday, August 13, 2015

2015 TOfilmfest: Canadian film highlights

Last week, the Toronto International Film Festival held it's Canadian film press conference for 2015. Canadian feature films will appear as Special Presentations, as well as in the Documentary, Discovery, Contemporary World Cinema, Vanguard, and Wavelengths programs.

“BORN TO BE BLUE” (2015 feature film directed by Robert Budreau)“INTO THE FOREST” (2015 feature film directed by Patricia Rozema)“CLOSET MONSTER” (2015 feature film directed by Stephen Dunn)“SLEEPING GIANT” (2015 feature film directed by Andrew Cividino)

Here are some highlights:
“ENDORPHINE” (2015 feature film directed by André Turpin)“NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT” (2015 feature film directed by Mark Sawers)“MY INTERNSHIP IN CANADA” (2015 feature film directed by Philippe Falardeau)“LES ÊTRES CHERS” (2015 feature film directed by Anne Émond)

btw, here's a video of the Canadian film press conference...

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