Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 TOfilmfest: Choosing your films

Toronto’s Bell Lightbox (TIFF) on King St. West
Recently a friend, and fellow film-fest fan, mentioned she was choosing at least one movie from each of the festival's official programs — a good way to see a variety of cinema.

Last year @ParticPelic spent several hours watching videos trying to trim down her choices (btw, local cinema writer @TerrorInToronto has put a list of videos together into a convenient single playlist for 2015).

As for us, since we add films to our website with each weekly announcement, we tend to look back at all the film titles by date of announcement.

search by titlesearch by programsearch by Announcment

Everyone has their own method to choose their movies but fwiw, here are some other ways to #PicktheBestoftheFest at TOfilmfest:
  • search by directorsearch by cast member — enjoyed the work of a particular director or actor/actress? …you'll likely want to see their latest film
  • search by countrysearch by language — want to visit another place in the world and be immersed into another language & culture? …cinema makes it easy to travel the world!
  • search by classification —  in Ontario any film without an official OFRB rating will be restricted to adults 18+…
  • search by ticket — although regular tickets cost $25 (and premium screenings $48), there are plenty of free screenings for 2015
  • search by theatre — tired of trekking from the Lightbox cinema to the Ryerson theatre? …pick screenings closer together!  ;-)
  • search by date — not on vacation? …see everything that's playing when you're available
  • search by star rating — many films have screened previously, and been reviewed by movie critics… why not check?
  • BONUS:  Release dates — many films have a theatrical release already set for the fall …so you can see them later!
Btw, if you're on-the-go, without access to the internet, download a PDF file of the 2015 Official Film Schedule (note there are some changes to the schedule for 2015).

And, if you only have your smartphone, try TIFFwidget — a mobile-friendly website that uses data from TOfilmfest.
Toronto’s Bell Lightbox (TIFF) on King St. West

So, what's on our list?
Our next post will highlight our picks for the 2015 film festival...  :-)

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