Thursday, August 6, 2009

Six Canada First! for 2009 added to our film list

Now 185 films at — including 6 more 2009 Canada First! features, added today...
  1. Crackie Sherry White
  2. MachoTailDrop Corey Adams & Alex Craig
  3. Year of the Carnivore Sook-Yin Lee
  4. Hungry Hills Rob King (based on novel by George Ryga)
  5. All Fall Down Philip Hoffman
  6. The Wild Hunt Alexandre Franchi
...tough to find any reviews/ratings on them, but we did manage to find some images, links, and a few video-clips! — don't forget you can browse by director, or look for a cast member... — and all directors and cast members are linked to their filmographies at IMDb, too!


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