Friday, August 20, 2010

2010 Sprockets Family Zone

In 1998, Jane Schoettle brought the first Sprockets — a film festival for children — to Toronto.“KARLA AND JONAS” (2010 feature film directed by Charlotte Sachs Bostrup) While it's been running each April on it's own, in 2003 the festival introduced a Sprockets Family Zone program to the main film festival in September.

Here's the line-up for this year:

2010 Sprockets Family Zone“LITTLE SISTER” (2010 feature film directed by Richard Bowen)Pick the best of the fest!“SAMMY'S ADVENTURES: THE SECRET PASSAGE” (2010 3-D animated feature film directed by Ben Stassen)

PS. advance ticket packages are still on-sale...
  • Online (Visa only)
  • By Phone, Mon-Fri/10am-7pm
    at 416-968-3456 or 877-968-3456
  • New festival box-office opens at 363 King St W, Tue.24.Aug (10am-7pm)

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