Friday, August 20, 2010

Doing the film fest for free

That's right, for free. Doing the film fest this year doesn't have to cost you a dime.

A single ticket during the film festival will cost
  • $24.75 — regular, single ticket order ($19.69 + HST + bldg fee + order fee)
  • $45.75 — premium, single ticket order ($38.27 + HST + bldg fee + order fee)
  • $17.00 — child, single ticket order ($12.83 + HST + bldg fee + order fee)
    [12 years and under, "Sprockets Family Zone" only]
— but that's not the only way to enjoy the festival...

You can watch films from past festivals, see some cinematic art, tour the new Lightbox centre, or find out how films are leading a new dialog in Turkish culture — you can even see the winner of the people's choice award for free!

Here's a list of what's free:
“AMERICAN BEAUTY” (1999 feature film directed by Sam Mendes)
TIFF for Free
2010 Future Projections

Also free, and open to the public at Lightbox, beginning September at 12pm, for the duration of the festival:
  • Essential Cinema – a journey through the Essential 100, a list of the most influential films of all time; costumes, film stills, posters, music samples and film clips, the exhibition charts these works – all 100 of them – that have played such a key role in defining film culture for more than a century

  • Special Commissions
    8½ Screens, Atom Egoyan – a key scene from Fellini’s masterpiece 8½, and a reversal of the customary relationship between the projector, the audience, and the screen
    E-100, James Andean & François Xavier Saint-Pierre – a sound installation in which key samples of film dialogue culled from the films in the Essential 100 list are heard in random variations, interweaving dialogue, environmental sounds and instrumental accompaniment
    Hauntings I, Guy Maddin – involves eleven projections in the main gallery space showing recreated fragments of lost or unrealized film masterpieces
    Hauntings II, Guy Maddin – illuminating the Lightbox fifth floor windows every night of the Festival, forming a ghostly curtain that will reveal a siren beckoning visitors to enter
    Essential Titles, Barr Gilmore – 5-minute looped motion graphic projection that isolates and recreates only the title and director's credit from the opening sequences of all of the films on the Essential 100 list — a visually stunning piece that will act as an environmental graphic at the entrance of the exhibition

“TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 101” (2010 presentation)
Pick the best of the fest!


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