Thursday, August 26, 2010

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“MICROPHONE” (2010 feature film directed by Ahmad Abdalla)
This week marked the final announcement of film titles for the Toronto international film festival, and the release of the official film schedule. Over 100 new film titles were added to the following programs:“THE PLACE IN BETWEEN” (2010 feature film directed by Sarah Bouyain)
As well, the Short Cuts Canada program was organized into six screenings.

“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 1” (2010 short films directed by Nadia Litz, Greg Atkins, Kevan Funk, Michael Vass, Kaveh Nabatian, Sara St. Onge, Aaron Phelan)“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 2” (2010 short films directed by Brandon Cronenberg, Jeff Barnaby, Theodore Ushev, Liz Van Allen Cairns, Joe LoBianco, Anne Émond, Ky Nam Le Duc)“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 3” (2010 short films directed by Tao Gu, Dan Popa, Firas Momani, Brian D. Johnson, Caroline Monnet, Trevor Anderson)“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 4” (2010 short films directed by Nick Fox-Gieg, Claude Cloutier, Danis Goulet, Antoine Bourges, Isaac Cravit, Sophie Goyette, John Bolton)“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 5” (2010 short films directed by Kazik Radwanski, Halima Ouardiri, Cam Woykin, Hans Olson, Carla Susanto, Vincent Biron)“SHORT CUTS CANADA: PROGRAMME 6” (2010 short films directed by Kire Paputts, Emmanuel Shirinian, Russell Bennett, M. Rankin, Darragh McDonald, Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre, Martin Sokol)


If you have questions on how to get tickets for the festival, we recommend visiting TIFFtalk. For years, Richard has put together the definitive guide on the process:
  • Part 1 – what type of tickets to buy
  • Part 2 – Advance Order procedure
  • Part 3 – selecting which films to see
  • Part 4 – buy tickets during the festival


Many people will be organizing their film schedule this weekend, and there are a few websites that aim to ease the process. The official has a Login | Register at the bottom of their website; it allows you to build a film list. Our friends at tiffReviews have a one click addition to your Google Calendar or iCal (Apple). Last year tiffr appeared, but it's late again getting reliable data. We've tried all three — but every year ended up on the dining room table with Post-it notes and highlighters... ;-)


Finally, a friend we've met in ticket lines many times, Larry has put together a nice series of practical tips on attending the festival.


We're currently collecting reviews from press & industry screenings for TOfilmfest — here's how you can keep up to date with us:
Pick the best of the fest!

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