Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tale of three schedules

Shortly after the complete official film festival schedule was released, we provided some advice on scheduling your films.

In preparation for our first film of the festival tomorrow, we tried three different online tools for creating a personalized printed schedule:
    1. click Login|Register
    2. click Register Now
    3. enter Email, Name, Password
    4. click Register
    5. browse films by title, or date
    6. click Add to mySchedule (next to any film screening time)
    7. click mySchedule, to view your schedule
    8. click Export your schedule, to save a .CSV file
      no way to print, or share, your schedule... :-(

  • tiffr
    1. click join tiffr
    2. enter username, email, password
    3. click join tiffr again
    4. there are no films listed on the website,
      instead you must install a 'bookmarklet'
      on your browser's bookmark toolbar
    5. then, browse the official website for a film, and
    6. click the Shortlist on tiffr 'bookmarklet' button
      – while viewing the official website for the film
    7. click shortlist to see your list of shortlisted films
    8. click schedule to view schedule (now empty)
    9. click view festival planner to see screenings
    10. click ADD on screening to add to schedule
    11. click again on schedule to view schedule
    12. print, share, or export to Apple's iCal
      — no way to export to Google calendar... :-/

  • tiffReviews
    1. first, visit
    2. if you have a Google account, enter your email & password; if not, click Create an account (free)
    3. next, visit
    4. click FILM LIST (no need to login)
    5. browse films by title
    6. click Google calendar button beside screening time
    7. click Save in Google calendar
    8. print, or share, using Google calendar,
      also works with Apple's iCal, too... :-)
Since the official film festival website is often unreachable during critical times of film selection and scheduling — both's and tiffr's online tools cannot be recommended. Using tiffReview's schedule links – which work well with iPhones (iCal), and Android phones (Google Calendar) – seems the only reliable choice.

Pick the best of the fest!

PS. individual tickets for the film fest are still available!
  • Online (Visa only)
  • By Phone, 7am-7pm
    at 416-968-3456 (or, 877-968-3456)
  • Box-office, King+Peter, 7am-7pm

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