Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lightbox tour

The new Lightbox centre has been under construction for over three years. Although we were able to visit the two new restaurants inside, before it's completion (O&B Canteen and Luma), Lightbox officially opened on Sunday, September 12th. We were very happy to take part in an advance tour, followed by a celebration of the film festival's 35th anniversary.

Here are some snapshots...
[click on any image to see a larger version]

[cinema seats by Quinette Gallay; cake by Madeleines]

The new facility earned some mentions in the American press...
– and here are some highlights from local sources...
If you haven't visited Lightbox yet — see what's playing, check out free exhibits, grab a bite, or have dinner — it's the destination for cinema in the city.

See you at the next fest!

K'naan was in concert for the Lightbox opening, at King & John — here's his wrap-up performance of Wavin' Flag...

Update/cont'd: Lightbox tour, pt.2

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