Saturday, October 23, 2010

Above Lightbox: Festival Tower

The new Lightbox centre officially opened during the 2010 film festival. More than seven years in development (announced in 2003; construction began in 2007), the building is a three-way partnership between:
  • the festivalcinema, galleries, work-spaces, and offices;
  • the Reitman'swho donated the land for the project;
  • and Danielsresidential/commercial developer and builder.
Some of our previous posts about the building: Lightbox developments, Lightbox tour, and Lightbox tour, part 2 (also O&B Canteen, Luma, and Malaparte dining spaces).

Urban Toronto's coverage on the building: Lightbox took centre-stage, exploration continues inside, and a swing of the exterior — including some articles on the residential component called Festival Tower:

While we haven't been able to tour the residential amenities yet, we did get a chance to tour a couple finished suites at Festival Tower (occupancy commences next month) — and take quick snapshots of some features and finishes!

See you at the next fest!

CONTINUED in part two: Above Lightbox: Festival Tower, pt.2.

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