Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phantoms of Nabua in 2009 Future Projections

Presented as part of the 2009 Future Projections program:
  • Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s 10 minute short single-channel installation Phantoms of Nabua -- a segment from his multi-platform project "Primitive"
Phantoms of Nabua was filmed in Nabua, northeastern Thailand.
It will be presented at MOCCA, according to Slate.

Jeremy Heilman of MovieMartyr has posted a review of Phantoms of Nabua, and had this to say:
"Just under eleven minutes long, but likely to tower artistically over most of this year’s full-length features..."

Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s A Letter to Uncle Boonmee (another segment) is also being presented as part of Wavelengths 4: Une Catastrophe.


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2009 Midnight Madness line-up announced on Twitter

Before official press release was posted, all 10 films coming to the 2009 Midnight Madness program were announced by programmer Colin Geddes, on Twitter!
  1. Opening Night! JENNIFER'S BODY written by diablocody (JUNO)
  2. From directors of UNDEAD, the last film to play the Uptown comes DAYBREAKERS!
  3. George A. Romero's new zombie film - SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD!
    Did you know he now calls Toronto home?
  4. We snagged [REC] 2! Run + see the first film!
  5. From the creator of Conan, SOLOMON KANE!
  6. Hot Aussie Horror! Bloody prom! Director Sean Byrne's debut - THE LOVED ONES
  7. Hitoshi Matsumoto dir of DAINIPPONJIN back w SYMBOL - the ultimate WTF flic!
  8. Tony Jaa will crack your skull in ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNING
  9. BITCH SLAP! Hot blooded women fight to uncover some booty in desert!
  10. Crazed French stop motion animation A TOWN CALLED PANIC!

Kudos to Colin Geddes for making TIFF the first major film-festival to have line-up announcements shared live via Twitter!


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Midnight Madness 2009 hint collection

Colin Geddes, programmer of Midnight Madness, has been dropping hints about the 2009 line-up...

Posted at :
  • Here is a pic from the editing room where I saw one of the films for this years line-up

  • Here is a still from the film by a 1st time dir in Midnight Madness!

  • Here is a behind the scenes photo with the director on set from a film in this years MM!

  • Imagine seeing THIS on the big screen at the Ryerson!!!
  • The title character of this film made his debut in 1928 in Weird Tales magazine!
  • Here is a photo of one of the lead characters in one of this years films! + it's a returning director!
  • The title character of this film had his look ripped off by Hugh Jackman in VAN HELSING!
  • One film in the MM line-up is a sequel that takes place 15 exactly minutes after the first one ended!
  • One of the MM world premieres stars someone from Season Two of TWIN PEAKS!
  • One film in this year’s MM line-up was directed by identical twins! How creepy is that?!
  • Another film features femme-tastic fisticuffs that where choreographed by the subject of a doc from TIFF 2004
  • Like last year's film THE BURROWERS, I have picked an unusual film with Cowboys, Indians and strange creatures
  • Trying to plan project that would result in Yonge & Dundas Square being covered in blood
  • I just got an email from a director in MM09 - an action packed film about demons + redemption!
Thanks to Colin for the heads-up!

The official 2009 Midnight Madness line-up will be announced later today.


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First TIFF 2009 Ad Poster Image

Thanks to Anna Neilson on Twitter for pointing this article out:

TIFF debuts “monster brand” ahead of film fest
by Russ Martin,
at Marketing Magazine

Apparently the first print ads will appear Friday (July 17, 2009), in the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail, as well as in the Now and Eye weeklies.

The ads feature film-fans (not models) in theatre seats, with the tag line “Connecting to your world.” They were designed by Toronto-based designer Barr Gilmore (formerly Bruce Mau Design).


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

2009 Site Launching Soon

Hello world!

The 2009 site will be launching soon.

Our website has been completely redesigned by -- who have created a brand new logo, provided us new business cards, and designed a whole new look for our website,

We are currently moving our data into the new website design, and look forward to helping everyone pick the the best of the fest at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival!

Please visit soon!


PS. preview the new website design at

PPS. ticket packages are on-sale at the film festival's official site,

PPPS. first official press conference of 2009 held today; press releases at

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