Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FREE film Wednesdays at Lightbox

Although the free Family Day weekend has just passed, there are more free screenings – part of a series of short avant-garde films – coming up at the Lightbox centre:
  • Wednesday, 23rd of February @ 7pm
    Keeping Trace — On Time and Film
    • Pro Agri, Nicky Hamlyn [Great Britain, 2008, 3 min, 16mm]
    • Les Chaises, Vincent Grenier [Canada, 2008, 8 min, HD]
    • August Afternoons, Deanna Morse [USA, 1985, 5 min, 16mm]
    • She is Away, Bruce Elder [Canada, 1976, 13 min, 16mm]
    • Tamalpais, Chris Kennedy [Canada, 2009, 14 min, 16mm]
    • Lacuna, Shannon Harris [Canada, 2008, 10 min, DV]
    • Transitions, Barbara Sternberg [Canada, 1982, 11 min, 16mm]
    Presented by the Canadian Film Makers Distribution Centre.

  • Wednesday, 9th of March @ 7pm
    Mantler’s Visual Music
    • Introduction by Chris Cummings
    • Allegretto, Oskar Fischinger [USA 1936, 3 min, 35mm]
    • Motion Painting No. 1, Oskar Fischinger [USA, 1947, 11 min, 35mm]
    • Trade Tattoo, Len Lye [USA,1937, 5 min, 16mm]
    • Rhythm, Len Lye [USA, 1957, 1 min, 16mm]
    • Free Radicals, Len Lye [USA 1958, 4 min, 16mm
    • Synchromy, Norman McLaren [Canada, 1971, 7 min, 35mm]
    • Lines Horizontal, Norman McLaren & Evelyn Lambart [Canada, 1961, 6 min, 35mm]
    • Gymnopedies, Larry Jordan [USA, 1965, 6 min, 16mm]
    • Friendly Witness, Warren Sonbert [USA, 1989, 22 min, 16mm]
    • When the Organ Played ‘Oh Promise Me’, Cecil Stokes [c.1940, 3 min, 16mm]
    • 15-minute live musical performance by Mantler
    Presented by The Music Gallery.

  • Wednesday, 23rd of March @ 7pm
    Images of Nature, or The Nature of the Image
    • Light Magic, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof [Canada, 2001, 3 min, 16mm]
    • View of the Falls from the Canadian Side, John Price [Canada, 2006, 7 min, 35mm]
    • Migration, David Rimmer [Canada, 1969, 11 min, 16mm]
    • Notes in Origin, Ellie Epp [Canada, 1987, 17 min, 16mm]
    • Plein Air, Richard Kerr [Canada, 1991, 20 min, 16mm]
    • Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis, Daïchi Saïto [Canada, 2009, 10 min, 35mm]
    • Beauty Plus Pity, Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby [Canada, 2009, 14 min, video]
    Presented by the Canadian Film Makers Distribution Centre.

  • Wednesday, 30th of March @ 7pm
    Landscape as ExpressionSan Francisco Bay Area
    • A Trip Down Market Street, Miles Brothers [USA, 1906, 12 min, Silent, 35mm]
    • North Beach, Dion Vigne [USA, 1958, 5 min, 16mm]
    • Visions of a City, Lawrence Jordan [USA, 1957-78, 8 min]
    • All My Life, Bruce Baillie [USA, 1966, 3 min]
    • Golden Gate Bridge Exposure: Poised for Parabolas, Lynn Marie Kirby [USA, 2004, 5 min, Silent, DV]
    • Junkopia, Chris Marker [USA, 1981, 6 min, 35mm]
    • Street Noise, Michael Glawogger [USA, 1981, 9 min, 16mm]
    • Degrees of Limitation, Scott Stark [USA, 1982, 3 min, Silent, 16mm]
    • Side/Walk/Shuttle, Ernie Gehr [USA, 1991, 41 min, 16mm]
    Presented by the Images Festival.
See you there!

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Above Lightbox: Festival Tower, pt.2

Festival Tower sits atop the festival's new Lightbox centre on Reitman Square at King & John — it's the residential portion of the three-way venture between the festival (cinema/galleries/work-spaces/offices), the Reitman family (land), and Daniels (developer/builder).

Although Lightbox opened during the September 2010 film festival, occupancy in Festival Tower began later in November.

[Previous posts about the building: Lightbox developments, Lightbox tour, and Lightbox tour, part 2; also O&B Canteen, Luma, and Malaparte dining spaces.]

The Urban Toronto forum was kind enough to mention our article, Above Lightbox: Festival Tower, and they have also posted snapshots of suite interiors at Festival Tower.

Last fall, we weren't able to see any of the residential amenities — tentatively scheduled for completion this spring — but we recently took a tour of some of the common areas now under construction...

Tower entrance

Tower cinema

Tower pool/fitness room

...and some views...




"What's On Today"

A unique feature of Festival Tower: a flat-screen displaying the day's film schedule at Lightbox (plus opening hours for the gallery, library, studio, lounge and gift shop) — conveniently located by the elevators, on the ground-floor entrance — nice! :-)

See you at the next fest!

Want to live at Festival Tower? – check for a list of all the suites currently for sale/rent...

...or, how about living nearby the new Lightbox centre? – look for the Condos on the Market in the Toronto Star – UPDATE: the downtown west area was featured Mar.3/2011.

Part one of this article, Above Lightbox: Festival Tower.
Part three of this article, Above Lightbox: Festival Tower, pt.3

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sun.20-Mon.21/Feb: FREE Tim Burton show at Lightbox

In celebration of Family Day, the Tim Burton exhibition at the new Lightbox centre will be FREE on both Sunday, February 20 and Monday, February 21 from 12pm to 6pm.
(Regular price, $22.75)

The Lightbox centre opens at 10am.

There are also free film screenings on both days!

[Free tickets distributed 30 minutes prior to showtime — first-come, first-served; capacity is limited. See FAQ for details.]

Sunday, February 20th

Free Black History Month event

Free documentary screening Free cinema classics
Monday, February 21st

Free Tim Burton screeningsFree live music performance

Free Mary Pickford screeningsThe Mary Pickford: The Invention of the Movie Star, on the 4th-floor in the Canadian Film Gallery runs free from January 13 to July 3, 2011.

See you there!

For families with children, Lightbox is also bringing back Bibi Blocksberg (2002, Germany; previously screened for Halloween), and Singin' in the Dark hosted by Shawn Hitchins (presented during the 2010 Nuit Blanche celebration).

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