Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks to all for 2010!

Back in 2009, it was a very big year for us — we were fortunate to receive help, advice, encouragement, and support from many organizations and individuals. This past year, time constraints prevented making any great changes to the 2010 TOfilmfest website — so we simply focused on providing the best content we could, so everyone could pick the best of the fest! ;-)

We're very pleased to note that in 2010 our following at doubled — and the number of visitors to increased over 65% from last year.

We greatly appreciate everyone who follows us @TOfilmfest or visits us at — and we are committed to providing a reliable, independent, alternative guide to films at the next film festival, in 2011.

One more thank you: to the film festival organizers, donors, and fans – who each contributed to the new cinematic landmark that is Lightbox (for more info see Lightbox tour + Lightbox tour, pt.2). It is a privilege to live in a city that values cinema as much as Toronto does. We look forward to the 2011 festival — and plan on visiting Lightbox regularly until then!

See you all next year!

PS. a personal thank-you and best wishes to some people who made 2010 memorable: Peter (Chasing the buzz), James (CAST awards), and Jason/Jane/Paul (and all the staff) at Luma and O&B Canteen -- plus everyone who emailed/Twittered/blogged/linked to us! THANK YOU!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top film lists for 2010

With a new year beginning soon, a number of year-end movie lists have been published.“HEARTBEATS” (2010 feature film directed by Xavier Dolan)

The film festival's annual "Canada's top ten" list for 2010:Local writers at the Toronto Film Critics Association announced their 2010 awards list:
Also, the inaug­ural CAST awards ('Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto' – an initiative by local blogger Toronto Screen Shots) were announced today; here's their top ten:
  1. Inception“BLACK SWAN” (2010 feature film directed by Darren Aronofsky)
  2. Toy Story 3
  3. Black Swan
  4. Shutter Island
  5. The Social Network
  6. Scott Pilgrim“I AM LOVE” (2009 feature film directed by Luca Guadagnino)
  7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  8. Winter’s Bone
  9. I Am Love
  10. The King’s Speech“THE KING’S SPEECH” (2010 feature film directed by Tom Hooper)
(We were fortunate to be asked to contribute our picks for the first annual CAST awards — although none of our top-ten picks made it into the final list... chacun son cinéma! ;-)

See you at the next fest!

See also Peter Howell's 2010 'Chasing the Buzz' and our top-ten from the 2010 film fest.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Friday night at Lightbox MALAPARTE

Malaparte, the 6th-floor event space at Lightbox hosted its first event this past weekend! Named after the Casa Malaparte, in Jean-Luc Godard's film Contempt, it's the final addition by Oliver & Bonacini to Lightbox – after the opening of the O&B Canteen (market café; street-level), and Luma (fine-dining; upstairs, on the 2nd floor).

The interior design is by Anacleto Design (who also did Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill in Blue Mountain) — here's the original computer-rendering (above), and a photograph of the finished space (below).

The dining-space has seating for 200 people — but there's also an adjoining rooftop terrace, and outdoor amphitheatre — see our earlier article: Early peek at Lightbox MALAPARTE for images of the outside space.

Even the entrances to the washrooms are quite stylish...

We're definitely looking forward to more events at Malaparte in the spring, and during the next film festival, this summer! :-)

See you at the next fest...

O&B Events executive chef Jamie Meireles helms Oliver & Bonacini's Malaparte at Lightbox — see booking info for rates/details.

The Toronto Society of Architects will be celebrating architecture & design tonight by recognizing the new Lightbox centre as a 'great space in Toronto.' (Last year, the event was held at the Royal Conservatory of Music — designed by the architects of Lightbox, KPMB.)

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